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What You Get

  • Best Unique Random Codes Available
  • Enterprise grade, customised generated codes and customised files delivery
  • Professional codes. Do not risk customers seeing bad codes.

Why RandomCodes.com?

Enterprise grade quality features...
Eliminate Guessing
We filter out similar codes to reduce and nearly eliminate guessing of your promotion codes. Along with your quote we may send you calculated guessability based on your specific request.
Our delivered codes are guaranteed to be non-sequential. There will never be a code that is consecutive to another, guaranteed.
Unwanted Words Filter
Avoid having unwanted words in your codes. This includes bad/vulgar words, religious, brand names, etc.
Avoid codes like: BCDPEPS1, Y0UL0SE, FUC*0FF

Professional campaigns cannot afford to have unwanted words and names in their codes.

Remove Repeat Characters
Increase quality of your codes by having codes that do not have too many repeat characters in them.
Avoid codes like: BBBBBBC2, CBDDDDDD

Enterprise Service includes a special filter to remove codes with repetitive characters in them.

“Perfect for Product Printed Marketing Promotions.”

Unique random codes filtered to be non-sequential and added code-separation to increase guess difficulty.
  • Non-Sequential Non-Consecutive
  • Code Separation Filter
  • 100% Unique & Random
Custom Codes
Customise your codes the way you want them.
  • Custom Include Characters
  • Exclude Characters
  • Special Characters "-"
  • Code Prefix
  • Code Suffix
Enterprise Service
A fast quality guaranteed service to producing unique random codes directly to you.
  • Direct 1-on-1 Service
  • Comm: Skype, Phone, Email
  • Fast Order Service
  • Secure SSL Delivery
Thousands, Millions
The online code generators can produce thousands, to millions of unique random codes. Secure System allows you to generate thousands/millions of random codes.
  • Lite/Free: Limited, Thousands
  • Secure System: Millions
  • Enterprise: No Limit
100% Unique
All solutions produce Unique Random Codes, guaranteed. No duplicate codes in any one random codes job.
Note: Secure System and Enterprise solutions include added feature of non-consecutive codes.
Product Printing
Format of files delivered are accepted by all Printing Houses. Codes are 100% supported by printers around the world.
  • Printing House accepted
  • Pure ASCII Text
  • Mac, PC, Linux, etc.
  • Works with any spreadsheet software, including Excel

“Difficult to guess, generated with Code Separation.”

Fast Order Delivery
Small orders are fulfilled within 36 hours from payment. Large orders, above 200 Million, are fulfilled in around 5 business days.
Unique, Different Codes
The Unique Codes that are generated are filtered to be as different from one another as possible. Making sure the codes are not similar to one another. This helps reduce the guess-ability, improving your campaign and further saving you time by reducing amount of invalids.
SSL Encrypted codes delivery.
Direct Communication
Our service is our bond. We analyse and consult on orders. We help make sure your codes ordering and delivery experience is a successful one.
Extra Codes
Enterprise clients may request "extra" codes to a previous order. New extra codes can be generated to be different from one or more previous orders.
Portable & Compatible
Data code files downloaded from this service are 100% portable and compatible Text files that work with any system, including; high tech systems used by commercial Printing Houses.

Yes the generated random codes file works with Microsoft Excel. Just bear in mind, Excel has row quantity limitations and is quite slow when dealing with large data-sets.

Be assured we are here to support you. Support email, skype and direct phone support.